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:) Thanks


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Ive been told a couple of times that my Female (what I thought was VT) is a PK?

Would someone please either confirm or deny this for me?

I mean, how would the LPS come to have them then?

And would someone please just go over them and criticise please? lol

I like to know the pros and cons of my LPS fish... ;)





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they look like normal wildtype vt females to me, it's VERY hard to tell PK females from VT females. someone else may offer better ideas than me :D

I would have to agree. They both look nice and healthy. The fins don't look out of proportion to the body giving them a nice balanced look. I sometimes think that the wild type VT's get a bit of a raw deal, some of them are really striking animals. Nice fish :D

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Good question???

I don't believe there is any visual difference between a pk or vt female

You will only know once you can see the results of a spawn!!!

Both seem to have "wild type" colours

I'd bet they are vt females....only because it is a logical conclusion!

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Thanks for that guys, I had no clue as to what they both were, and it just utterly confused me lol

Im thinking they are VT's as well.. just for the fact that PKs are not that common in the petstores aroudn here...

Though I must say, I did see what i think to be a PK male on display at the counter with a CT.. but I'm not entirely sure.. it could have been just a female- but then again.. why would they have a female on display?

I asked if the lady at the counter knew but she just said she didnt know, and they were only for display.. lol


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