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My new Microrasboras


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It is all Phil's fault. He called and said they had them at a pet shop near him. I tried to resist, I did, but 2 days later I'd called, had them put on hold and was driving down to pick them up.

Aren't they cute!? That is river sand as a substrate so *cough* aren't they TINY! The java fern is only about 8 or 9cm tall. I cannot really see them on the riversand so it'll have to be changed at some point, though I'm not sure what it'll be changed to. I think white would bleach them and black might have them fade away to nothing :) Red would probably still have the blending issues :(

Has anyone kept these before? how did you find them? They are looking OK to me, though still a bit malnourished from sharing a tank with a bundle of neons for a week or so at the LFS. The gills aren't nearly as pink in person, i think the operculum is just very see-through when you point a camera flash at it. I''ve got them on BBS and adult BS and they are scoffing the lot.

Eventually the tank they are in is going to be a planted nano (with a twist, cause I'm no good at traditional) so they'll be able to flit in and out of the greenery :rolleyes: At the moment they are skulking near the back and only coming out occasionally when they think I'm not looking. *sigh* It isn't easy being the big scary giant.


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