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New Girlies From KM


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OK here's a pic of each of the 5 girlies I got from KM along with Celeste yeasterday :lol:

Yellow Girly #1


Yellow Girly #2


RB With Yellow Wash


Metallic Cambodian


RB Black Lace


I just love them! I don't know who to spawn first lol! (They're big girlies too!)

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Yeah I was thinking rosetail as well.... Who knows :shifty:

You can borrow the cambo if you like :)

couple of potential spawn questions...

(what would I get ?)

Yellow X Steel ???

RB X Copper ???

Yellow X Copper ???

RB X RB w/Yellow wash ???

Yellow X Cambo ???

RB X Cambo ???

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i'll take a stab at the genetics:

yellow x steel would most likely be dark bodied with red wash and steel or RB over the top (depending on the girl's blue layer). a second gen cross would give yellow and steel fishies :)

RB X copper would be 50% metallic RB, and 50% metallic steel (not copper). a second gen would be coppers and teals (25%), hetero metallic RB and steel (50%) and non-metallic RB and steel (25%) depending on what siblings you used.

yellow x copper would be the same as yellow x steel - except with copper yellows (golds) in the second gen cross.

RB x RB yellow wash would be 25% steel, 25% turq, 50% RB, all with red wash if they carry the red gene. it'd take a second gen again to bring out the yellow wash.

yellow X cambo is hard to predict as they're both kinda recessive genes. i'd take a guess at maybe 50/50? anyone done this cross before?? i did an orange dal x cambo and got orange dals?

RB x cambo would be dark bodied hetero metallic multis in the first gen, and homo metallic cambos in a second gen cross (about 25%).

anyone else got any ideas on these??

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