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Yellow CT & 3 Giants! (new pic)


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OK here are the 4 I picked up today :)

Steel - hard to take good pics of but I love his fins.


Green - he's very cute!


RB with BF pattern. He's gorgeous :P


Yellow CT - I think he's simply stunning!


tell me what you think :P

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yeah just the 2 other boys, nah they were all hard to take pics of... I took over 100 and those were the best!

One day I'll get a really good pic of that steel boy though.... and the BF has a bubblenest already, as does the yellow ct :)

damn I need more names!....

Actually the steel boy started fine but then he started flicking around... so I gave him a dose of sterazin (as with all the others too) just in case he had a parasite or something, he seems much happier now!

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