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A while ago I wrote in about how I attached the stone wall onto my 4' tank using black silicone. Well here it is complete on my fish wall with battleships and titanic model on top:


My main problem was that the tank took forever to cycle and I lost a few fish because it took a while for the filter to kick in.

I know it's a shonky photo but the best I can do for now. I have the following fish in it:

1 scissortail rasbora, neon tetras, swordtails, sailfin mollies, 1 bronze cory, 2 glowlight rasboras, 1 sterbai cory, a pair of BN, silver dollars, 1 angelfish, albino and wild type buenos ares tetra, kribs and a couple other small fish.

I have a retired old blue HM with a couple sucker fish in tank with the sailboat and my 3 section tank with my red HM, Blue CT and lavender HM.

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Newly added to the large tank is a baby red forest jewel.

Thanks for the replies. I bought the sign a while ago from a discount shop, I was comtemplating using it as an avatar at one stage.

A close up of my CT in one of the top tanks:


And the boys in their divided tank:


BTW I do have a light for the bettas, it's a bit warm to use it now and encourages algae growth, they get sufficient heat from the main tank light.

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