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If you talking about my pumps they are cheap $10 55L/h ones from Big W, which i modified i drilled 4mm holes along the spray bar inserted 4mm tube just inside the spray bar and used heaps of silicone to make sure they are stuck fast :cheer:. If you want more detailed pics send me a PM and next time i am cleaning the tank i will take some.

The tank they are in is a custom tank i built turned out great for my first attempt at tank building :cheer: (am a cabinet maker after all :P)

I have tried to sell this tank and cabinet before with no luck but looking at trying again soon



And here is a cabinet I am working on at the moment


Even drop me a line and tell me what you think or if you have any ideas i could work on :)

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i just got the glass for another tank so hopefully it will be cure by next weekend ..... I think i just got to stop buying them.

I have also worked out that design it's the safest so to speak cause all the water circulates (big word :\ ) between each other if one gets a problem they will all get it so my new design each compartment is sealed to minimise the problems. pics will be up for bettarazzi and everyone to is as soon as its done ^_^

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