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am i doing water changes right?


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hi all

i just wanted to know if what i do to my water is ok and will it help prevent finrot,

ok so i dont age my water i use it straght from the tap and pour it into my clean tanks about 3/4 then i fill it all the way up with boiled water to get it to the right temp (27c) then i add water conditioner,black water extract and a pinch of aquarium salt then i stir the water to make sure the salt is desolved

and then add the bettas

so is this ok? and how much aquarium salt should i be adding to each tank which are 2.7litres? or shouldnt i add it

also i just read lilli's post about treating finrot so im going to buy ketapang extract and use that instead of the blackwater extract

also please feel free to add what you do and add to your water when you do 100% water changes

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well the best way to know if you're doing it right is to look at your fish. are they happy? stressed?

Uncertain if there really is a good way to prevent finrot and I'd try to age the water a bit to let it settle down, even if just a couple of hours if you can't leave it longer, tap water pH can swing quite a bit in the 1st few days i believe (someone correct me if i'm wrong?) and this wouldn't be the best for your fishies.

some people use salt and some do not, I haven't really noticed a difference when i was using salt and I've just stopped so now i'm only going to use salt when something is sick.

Salt dosage would be something like a teaspoon per 12-15 Liters (the size of my bottled water containers I use) if you were to use it.

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I never use salt unless something is sick..

Not sure if this is a first time fill, or a water change you are asking about..

I am also not sure that anything really prevents fin rot.. I have never had it in any fish (fingers crossed) but I dont do anything to prevent it..

I belive the best thing is simply regular water changes..

I think it is easy to become baffeld with all the new fangeld ideas on things.. keep your tanks clean, change the water (1/2) once a week, less if you have filters, suck debris off the bottom when you do the water change..keep a sponge filter going, and only clean it in water that you have just taken from the tank..

My water comes straight from the tap. with prime added..thats all... and then boiled rain water to warm it up..


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divy, you've got some fish coming from Jodi soon haven't you. Get some of the ketapang extract that she sells. It has salt in it so you just follow the instructions on the bottle and that should be all you need to do to the water apart from dechlorinator. The regular water changes that you're doing along with the addition of ketapang extract should help keep finrot at bay.

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what water do you use with your imports when you get them?

i put my other imported bettas in tap water and they seemed fine

hmmm.... im confused abit now, can you explain abit more about the tap water and import bettas lilli?? please:)

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