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Is it possible for a platy to fertlilize a female guppy


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Hi Everyone ..

I was wondering if it was possible for a male platy to fertilize a female guppy ????....because l move done of my female guppies from my 24 litre tank to my 48 litre tank ..to give her a break from the males as she given birth in the past week ...And my male red platy has taken to following her around the tank trying to get really chummy with her. If its possible are the fry any good or even viable or is there often some sort of problem with them ?

Any help would be great thanks

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A female guppy can keep having babies for months after she sees her last male.. they store the milt..

It is more likely that he is trying to eat any babies she drops..

So she will keep dropping babies for ages yet..and they will be gups

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As people suggested, you'll definetely be having guppy fry for the next few months.

As for livebearer males, if they don't have conspecifics they do go for any other fish that moves; literally :lol: That doesn't mean they are "breeding successfully" however.

As a general rule of thumb, check the scientific names of the fish you have. Species from the same genera (genus) are more likely to be able to cross breed then species from other genera; that is assuming hybridasation is possible at all.

Remember as well as physiology it is behaviour that also seperate species apart. For example, however hard I try I won't be able to hybridize Betta channoides with Betta splendens, due to their differing breeding behaviour even though sperm of one might be able to fertilise the egg of the other in a test tube.

On the other hand Platys and Swordtails readily hybridize, due to the fact that they are in the same genus and have similar breeding biology.

Also as taxonomy (naming of living organisms) is not an exact science, fish that might be classified in different genera today after revision might be put into the same genera in the future. :lol:

Sorry about the long winded answer to your question :lol:

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