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Pretty Blue/Pink VT


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Well I went to Narrabri to help my mum immunise her horses against the equine flu... we got 8 out of the 11 done, the other 3 weren't co-operative!

Anyways... on the way home I stopped in at the LFS and there were some pretty boys there :) This was one of a few that looked a bit like him :D But he had a nice nest and was active the most so he came with me :D

I've decided to name him Riff Raff.






Hope you like him :)

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lol nope just take like 100 shots to get 5 decent ones lol I'm no real photographer, although it does help to have a half decent camera and some lights over the tank hehe. and a fish that flares nice and slow instead of frantic and random and will sit and pose for the 3 or so seconds it takes to get the pic :wub:

Pics seem to be working...maybe photbucket had a tanty?

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