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50cm Cube: Planted tank

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Tank Size: 50cm X 50cm X 50cm

Volume: Approx 125Ltrs

Lighting: 2 X 15watt VHOs Plant tubes

Heating: 250watt Sera Heater @ 28*C

Substrate: Aquaclay (iron rich substrate) mixed with natural black gravel

Filtration: Aqua-one CF700 Cannister (1st Layer - Noodles + Sponge, 2nd Layer - Seachem Matrix, 3rd Layer - Seachem Matrix + Filter Wood) [Total 2ltrs of Maxtrix media used!] & Internal Filter (1st Layer - Filter Wool, 2nd and 3rd Layer - HSA Media)

Plants: Anubias Plants on driftwoods

Inhabitants: 2 Rummy Noses, 4 Albino Cory Cats, 5 L066 Plecs @ 5-7cm, 3 L066 Plecs at 2cm, adding 3 Otto Catfish soon





More Photos HERE!

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VHOs are Very High Output tubes. Just like T5s but on the bulb itself, it says VHO 15watt Plant tube.

THis tank will be just to grow up the L066's and then moved to a 4X2X2 or 6X2X2 depending on the colony size for breeding.

I am still in source for a few more 5-7cm L066's to add to the bloodlines of the current few I have at the moment.

Will be adding a few Ottos to clean the plants and walls of the tank.

More pics coming soon!


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  • 3 months later...

Replanted the tank today.

I visited Auburn Aquarium today and discussed about replanting my planted tank. I checked out their tanks and purchased the substrate they had in their tanks. A mixture of 1-2mm gravel and sand. I placed about 15kg on top of my AquaClay and SeaChem Flourite Red. The flourite and aquaclay acts as a slow release fertilizer. I also purchased some API Root Tablets to give the plants extra boosts!

I arranged the new substrate slanted towards the front. The front height of the substrate is 2inchs and the back is 4inchs. Towards the back I placed 2 pleco caves which is fully covered by the new gravel, only exposing the entrance of the cave, trying to make it as natural as possible. In the middle of the tank, I added a Rare lotus specimen. Auburn Aquarium staff tried to ID the lotus but no answers. But said the size of the "nut" being over 5cm dia. resembles an old plant. Possible over 5 years of age. The lotus had huge leaves that reached water surface but it was placed in a bucket by gf's dad and started to die off, so i trimmed them back to only the small underwater leaves and planted in the tank.

I have also decreased the amount of fish and plants. I placed the biggest 4 King Plecos in my 4ft pleco tank, 3 sterbai cory in the same tank and 2 of my large Anubias Driftwood in there too. With the angels laying eggs every 2 weeks, im trying to decrease to amount of fish in the tank and increase the amount of rare plants in the tank.

Filtration and lighting has also been upgraded. I was using an internal, then switched to an Aquaone CF-700 and now I've upgraded it to an Aquaone CF-1200 with 4ltrs of Seachem Matrix, 100g bag of SeaChem Purigen, Stock Sponge and Stock Carbon Pad (currently removed). I've found with a bigger filter and more Seachem Matrix the water is perfect and is crystal clear. And with the addition of an extra 15watt NEC Plant T8 tube, which is 3 in total, expanding on the range of plants which can be kept in this tank.

Once the water has cleared I will add some photos of the tank.

Mango :P

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A huge change to the tank.

Ive redone it completely!

Lighting: 3 X NEC T8 Plants [Adding Twin T5 Plants]

Inhabitants: 4 Sterbai Cory, Pair of Golden Angels (Imported from Japan), F1 Golden Angel Babies (20cent size), 5 Rummy Noses and 1 albino Gibby. Also pair of Otto's.

Plants: 1 Red Tiger Lotus, 1 Green Tiger Lotus, 1 Unknown Tiger lotus (blue flower), Sunset Hygro, Anubias [Adding: Nuphar Japonica, Hemianthus callitrichoides (HC), Pogostemon helferi]

Co2: None yet, but getting pressurized co2 kit by dupla

Pics soon.

Mango :woohoo:

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Good some good news!

I purchased two cuttings of Pogostemon helferi today...$70 each. I also purchased an ADA Beetle Defussor, ADA 150w 8500K bulb and ADA High Pressure Line. Im very pleased to say my new lighting is arrive tomorrow! The Aquamedic Oceanlight 150+! Im changing the 2 T5 H.O to the Aqualine Planta T5 tubes, and the MH bulb to the ADA one. I've also ordered the Aquamedic Co2 Professional set, which should arrive next friday!

Cant wait to have everything setup! Spent over $3000 for this items, how i get good results for my ADA style plant tank :D

Pics arrive tomorrow!

Stay tuned!

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My 50cm cube tank is under heavy changes. This is the current specifications.

Lighting: 3 X T8 NEC Plant tubes

Substrate: 2cm Seachem Laterite, 3cm Sand/1-2mm gravel (8:1)


- 4 Stems of Pogostemon helferi

- 1 Red Tiger Lotus

- 1 Green Tiger Lotus

- 1 Unknown Lotus (give as water lily, then trained it to grow submerged)

- 5 bunchs of HC

- 5 Stems of Green Temple

- 1 Anubias on driftwood


- 5 Sterbai's Cory

- Pair of Ottos

- 1 Albino Gibby

- Pair of Golden Angels

- 12 F1 Golden Angels

Im in the process of removing the 12 F1 angels to another tank, and same with the cory and pleco. Once the carpet of HC grows, my corys will go back in.

Lighting is being upgraded to ADA 150w MH + 2 Aquamedic Plant T5 tubes. An Aquamedic Co2 Professional set will be added with ADA beetle defussor.

Here are some pics of the plants using my phone camera.







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