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Hi from Townsville

Guest Clare

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Hi All

I'm very new to forums, this is my first.

I bought my first betta when I lived in Darwin, 20 years ago now (scary!!!!! makes me realise how old I am!!!) He used to watch me watch tv, til he jumped out when I was at work one day. Bawled my eyes out when I found him like that. :rip: He was a Metellic blue green with black head. I don't know all these abbreviations, so you'll have to bear with me til I learn them all. :book:

And then bought another male the same colour about a year ago. Recently I thought I'd try the breeding thing but he's never blown bubbles. :dontknow: anyways I bought a few females and well now I have seven females and two male (I bought the 2nd male accidentally- the shop thought it was female) :notsure:

I try not to stop by the aquarium on the way home!!!! :scold: But you know!!! :whistling: And so, my male is now at work on my desk, still not blowing bubbles. the other male is haphazardly blowing a bubble here or there

And I'm Still not sure about the breeding thing :rolleyes:

So I looked up the net last night and found the lady in Canada and yourselves. So I thought I'd have another look tonight and here I am.

I guess, I'm looking for someone for the advice and here looks like the place.

All I really want is an entire tank of females and a couple of male. Just love the females (I have heaps of female cockatiels too!)



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Welcome! If you're looking for advice this is the BEST place you can come to!

Read through all the information, try searching through "spawn talk" and "breeding basics" to answer your spawning questions. there are a lot of good threads covering just about everything you ever thought you needed to know and plenty that you never realised was important!

And if there's anything else you can just post and ask a few questions, there's heaps of us here to answer anything you need :whistling:


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