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Sources of Ammonia


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Hi, guyz

I've just gotten myself a 48 L clear tupperware for my first betta breeding (my 2 VT from LFS). I created a DIY filteration seeded with from my other established tanks in a the form of both gravel and sponge. I fill the water up to 1/3 with tap water, and added overdosed Nutrafin AquaPlus water conditioner. The ammonia reading was almost 1ppm straight away.

The question is whether 1ppm reading is high enough to start the tank cycle (fishless cycle). And even though its fully cycled i dont think it would stand a chance with the bio-load of betta fry.

Does anyone here know where to get these pure sources of ammonia?? I tried Coles, K-mart, Big-W, and my LFS but i cant seem to find any pure source of ammonia that is not cloudy and doesnt create any bubbles when shaken.



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