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hello from sunny Queensland


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hi all.

i found you site the other day when i was googling for some substrate info.

i'm from Townsville and i have one betta who's going to a new home soon.


i just bought a new 70L that only has 4 Peppered Corys in it at the moment.


the information in this site have been very helpful so far.



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Unfortunately i'm going to give him away 'cos he doesn't play well with others. he even attacked speedy the snail.

The corys were pretty bored so i got some hollow branches in there for them to play in. Next there be some rocks and plants and then some more fish.

p.s brettc777 it looks like you joined up on my B'day. lucky you

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LMAO @ speedy the snail! That’s a great name! Poor little guy... what u need to do is get some thistle thorns and glue them all over his shell! lol (you know I’m kidding right? lol)

Also while your at it try saying thistle thorns 10 times fast! hehe

Come on everyone we all know everyone who reads this is going to try and say thistle thorns 10 times fast because you cant help yourselves lol ... i can hear it now lol ... I know Mike would be up for the challenge! Mike you better grab a towel so when your done trying it you can wipe the spit of the screen! :)

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Oh please! I think some of us might have a little more control of our tongues than you have. Here why don't you try saying this just once really, really fast.

Sheila is selling her shop at the seashore

For shops at the seashore are so sure to lose

And she’s not so sure of what she should be selling

Should Sheila sell seashells or should she sell shoes

Hi DV... Welcome to AAQ! Don't get rid of your betta. Get 50 more instead. A nice betta wall holding one of every colour and fin type. That's what you need :)

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That Bettarazzi, is what the fish shop is for, they have a huge wall of bettas.

And someone else feeds them and looks after the water.

i have on the other hand gazed upon the wall of bettas and wanted it in my lounge room.

but uni student = one tank.

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