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Goldfish Keeps Floating to Top of Tank


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Most likely to be a swim bladder disorder of some kind. He may or may not recover. There are any number of things which can cause swim bladder problems and there are some other things which can make a fish behave like it's got swim bladder problems but it's actually something else.

There are a couple of things you can try. Is he still eating? Try feeding him a cooked pea with the skin removed. You can just pop a frozen pea into hot water for a few minutes, then take it out and slide the skin off. Break it up a bit and see if he'll eat it. It could be something in his gut that's causing problems with his swim bladder. The pea will help clear him out. If he'll eat the pea, reduce (or maybe even stop) his other foods for a while.

Also make sure his water is really clean. How often do you do water changes? Cleaned his filter lately? He might have some kind of infection if the water quality has not been up to scratch recently. Unfortunately internal infections in fish are hard to cure. Best thing to do is to make sure the water is as clean as possible. Don't clean the tank to the point where it's as good as brand new. You still want it to be well-cycled. Just remove waste and rinse out the filter in old tank water.

Good luck. Keep us posted.

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I had a guts of a black moor that would slurp all around the surface picking up flake - the resulting air he swallowed would make him a floaty frequently - presoaking flak so it went into the water column helped, switching to a slow sinking pellet fixed the problem altogether...

What sort of goldfish is it - many of the ornate varieties suffer from things like this because of the shapes of their bodies - they're not as good swimmers, not so stable, or have smaller air bladders in compact bodies...

Peas do often fix swim bladder issues in goldfish - they're a good health thing to give them once a week, too... they love fresh food, and it helps clean their systems out...

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