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  1. this one is actually blue (above) and the last two pics are of my favourite one! sorry the photo's are blurry aswell.
  2. ok i finally got some photo's of my fish! there aren't the best quaility but they will do for now! i'm not sure what colours you would call them but i'm pretty sure that i have 3 veil tails and 3 crown tails http://s145.photobucket.com/albums/r233/0X...uegreenfish.jpg http://s145.photobucket.com/albums/r233/0X...¤t=100_3573.jpg http://s145.photobucket.com/albums/r233/0X...¤t=100_3567.jpg http://s145.photobucket.com/albums/r233/0X...¤t=100_3569.jpg http://s145.photobucket.com/albums/r233/0X...¤t=100_3576.jpg this fish is actually blue (the one above) http://s145.photobucket.
  3. i know i work at a racehorse stable and they feed 26 horses twice a day and they went through 3 bags of chaff a day! im glad im not paying their bill! my miniatures are good they only eat 1 icecream container of chaff each day! lasts for ever.
  4. I know i went and brought feed for my two miniatures (which live on the smell of an oily rag) and my big horse i brought 1 bag of chaff 1 of lucerne and pony museuli it cost me all up about 90 bucks i couldn't believe it and hay well when you can get it, i dont feed hay anymore i just cant afford it. at least the fish pellets are only about 10 bucks!
  5. haha horses! big ones and little ones. Fish are definatly cheaper! at the moment anyways. Easier to look after and not as demanding.
  6. Well i went to perth in wa for 2 days to go and watch a horse show and i came home with another two fighting fish! anotha two males i thought about getting a female but maybe next time and i still havnt got around to getting photo's of them and now i cant find my camera so that is my mission for tomorrow.
  7. Hey my name is Jessica, I don't breed betta's but i do have 4 males that i keep as pets. I have 2 veil tails one is a greeny/blue and the other one is red. I also have anotha 2 but i don't know what kind of tails they have i think that they might have crown tails?? but one is a green/blue/red. and the other is a red/purple. I will try to get some photos later on. I am still learning about betta's so if anyone has any advice tell me because i wont to learn as much as i can. thanks Cya Jess
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