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Buying Food in Bulk


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As I am sure that you are all aware, the cost of food is not cheap, especially as our betta family increases. For me, if I can't reduce the food bill, I will seriously have to consider cutting down or calling it quits. So to try and prevent the later option, I have been looking at buying pellet food in bulk.

While away at a conference for work, I visited the LSFs, as one does. I found a breeder of cichlids who provides to the Australian wholesalers and was opening up a new shop, under cutting the other LFS on cichlids by up to 50%. We got talking about how we both like HBH food and I mentioned that I can not get it here in Rocky and must order over the net. Well to cut a long story short, this man is offering me the option of buying in bulk at wholesale prices + 20% and freight.

Now I did a little bit of research and this offer looks like it will work out better for me in the long run. However it will take me a long time to work my way through 5kg of fry bites. And before I do go ahead with this I want to make sure that I can't get better prices some where else. So those of you who use HBH food can I ask how much you pay? Below are the approx prices I can get the HBH food in bulk for (freight will vary depending on amount purchased of course, changing the cost ).

Betta Bites 102gm case of 36 $9 each I now pay $12.54

Baby Bies 34gm case of 48 $5 each I now pay the same

Fry Bites 2.5kg case of 2 $111.60 each

Soft & Moist Spirulina 91gm case of 36 $9 each I now pay $9.90

" " " " 2.5kg case of 2 $117.60

Colourbright 10gm case of 48 $5 each I can not get

Tropical Flake Frenzy 198gm case of 6 $19 each I now pay $24.50

" " " 2.5kg case of 2 $98 each

If I do go ahead with this, is there anyone else interested in buying in bulk?

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