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Starting up in Bettas again


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Hi everyone,

I’m in Northern NSW (Tweed Heads). I use to own Bettas when I live in Lismore and then in Brisbane. I moved again back to Tweed Heads (NSW 1 hour south of Brissy) and it was too much work to keep them. My office has recently got one and I have been looking after him and he has brought back my enthusiasm (how dare he!!! Lol)

Ah the memories…. I remember a few years ago spawning my bettas in my mum’s salad bowl. LOL not sure if she used it again once she found out I was using her Tupperware as a Betta ‘fun tank’ lol.

Anyway I’m looking to get into HM’s with a better set up then Tupperware lol. I got a 3 foot tanks which I’m going to turn into a barracks and get a couple more 2ft tanks as spawning and grow out tanks. So if anyone has any equipment out there that wants to sell message me.

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Thanks Lisa,

Yeah i said hi for you lol. Seeing that im next to him all day i have the ability to observe him hours on end so i get to see betta behaviour that might otherwise be missed.

At the moment he seems to have an obession with bubbles. He hasnt done any of his own bubbles yet, maybe becuase it isnt hot or humid enough for it. Anyway he sits there cross eyed staring at each bubble, it looks really funny. I come up for a closer look and he just stares down at me. From my observations so far bettas seem to be very smart almost to the point that they need to be enterain otherwise they get bored.

How did i come to that conclusion i hear you say? well as i have spent about 50 hrs next to him i notice he actually sits there and watches me. He likes to spend 90% of his time on the side of the bowl where he can see me the best. I look up and i know he is just looking and watching me. I know this because of how the eyes are positioned. Bettas eyes are very moveable in there sockets so you can see where there looking most of the time.

anyway thought i would share that... i better get back to work :cloud9:

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