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Daze's Girly Group Shot


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OK here's my girlies (except for 2 of them, Jade who's visiting Celeste and Linda who is in a spawning tank)

here's the big group shot, complete with names :P


this is a pic of Trish (from Celeste) and Misty (my newest Girly)


and here's a little collage to show you how Gloria has changed since I bought her...me thinks there's a marble gene at work :P


Hope you enjoy :P

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my girlfriends name is marie (real name maria) now every time i see her im going to think of a blue ct. thanks alot Stace :P

/me drools over torrie!!! loving orange at the moment and she's awesome!

haha you pimped out jade!!

there all very beautiful looking girlys!!! well done :P

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yeah jade's in the spawning tank and all rearing to go......but my boy spotted the yellow girl next door and had other plans :P;; so i'm gonna move some tanks, refill them and try again tomorrow....maybe with a new territory and no distracting females we can get this spawn underway LOL

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