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More of my girls


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i decided to get some pics of my girls today... they arent very good pics at all. but here goes, let me know what you guys think :rolleyes:

i think most of these girls are carrying a copper gene??

this is the girlfriend of the marble copper boy i got(in my avatar) ^_^ perfect match hey Celeste? not a very clear pic though.


she is one of my favourite girls, she hates the camera, her dark blue is way cool, i think shes another marble?


this is a yellow girl with red fins, im kinda sus about her being a boy, ill have to look into it though.


this is two nice girls (a third in the back i think she's kinda like a black copper?) waiting for food.


A few more still, but thats all for now hehe.

Thanks everyone!!!

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He got a whole stack from ratthanuwat. Not sure about these particular ones but I'd wager that's wear they came from.

Very excellent girls Ned. Now when you buy males off AquaBid you won't have to bother asking for sibling females cos you already got great girls to breed with.

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yep, most came from ratthanuwat. haha mike i got a feeling alot will come out males anyway haha... alot of nice looking pairs im finding in these tanks lol. almost everyone has a partner, all i need is an intense yellow HM male for some of the yellow girls i have and im set.

Stefan dont you think this girly would be a little better for my green boy :P


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Good point Stefan, good luck finding that girl that i want to breed now, they all confuse me.

i think they might be spawn siblings Celeste, if your ever in sydney and their spawned you can have a marble :)

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