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Sweet Valentine Bfdt


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This is my new buddy Valentine.

Apparently over the past week he has developed cloudy eye and has a patch of what appears to be a mild bacterial infection on his side. There were other similar fish (most likely his sibling brothers) available but I chose to tae Valentine home because he needed some TLC and probably wouldn't survive if I left him there. Another thing that attracted me to him was his love heart tail and pinkish red/platinum hue which is why he's called Valentine :D .

He hasn't flared yet but I must say is the nicest DT I've seen in a while, he doesn't have the shortened body or bent spine issues and his fins are not too heavy either, he is overall a very well proportioned fish and if I wasn't in the situation I am in now I'd breed him when he recovers (but we'll have to cross that bridge when we come to it, it might happen yet if I can find a suitable partner :D ). I now he's not an ideal DT but Valentine and his brothers did not have any of the health issues typical of DT.


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i second that shooshoo! i think we all do.

Luckilly mine looks after theirs very well :)

the only time they have sick ones is when they get delivered sick :) then they get treated at the lfs. 99% of the time the fishies there are quite happy and healthy :)

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he looks like a DTVT and coincidentally, my first DT was a DTVT called valentine!

I'd say your right, pretty sure he has VT history somewhere along the line.

I'm very fond of his love heart tail. Like I said, if only I had the space to breed him I recon I'd get some gorgeous sweetheart pinky baby bettas with love heart tails. They'd make great Valentines and Mother's Day gifts for fish hobbyists :) .

Bit like a red cap oranda I saw not long ago with a perfect love heart shaped cap, although I didn't buy him for the simple reason that there was a nasty white spot outbreak in that tank and I didn't want to risk bringing the infection home or pay over $15 for a sick fish :) .

Valentine only set me back $6 so he was worth every penny.

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