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Thanks for the further welcomes. :)

Mishy, I love Neos. Their colour and massive-ness is awesome. However, it makes me sad that they only live such a short amount of time.  :(  That's the thing that disturbs me most with large breeds.


Hi Lee, I'm new to this place and I'm in Penang, Malaysia. Welcome to this forum and I found the members is very helpfull. Just FYI, I do love dogs and had 6 great dane in my house before. The last dane that I had pass away 2 yrs back and untill now I can't find a replacement yor my Lady. Havd ask the price of a dane in Australia and could not afford to get one now. Anyway, my bettas have keep me happy for past 8 yrs but still like to get meself a Dane soon. If you need anythings regarding bettas from here, pls e-mail me and will try to help.

Welcome again and best regards.

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