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    Hi there, Understand that you are looking for super delta/hm? Have some to give away but you have to arrange for the transport. BTW, I;m from Penang,Malaysia. Before I forget, Welcome to AusAqua.
  2. Hi Lee, I'm new to this place and I'm in Penang, Malaysia. Welcome to this forum and I found the members is very helpfull. Just FYI, I do love dogs and had 6 great dane in my house before. The last dane that I had pass away 2 yrs back and untill now I can't find a replacement yor my Lady. Havd ask the price of a dane in Australia and could not afford to get one now. Anyway, my bettas have keep me happy for past 8 yrs but still like to get meself a Dane soon. If you need anythings regarding bettas from here, pls e-mail me and will try to help. Welcome again and best regards.
  3. Hi There, sorry for not repling to yr welcome note. Too new at it and I just learn how to use the computer. anyway pls refer to my post to Najina & Pat. Best Regards
  4. Hi there every body, I'm very new into this forum and had try to posted some pictures of my super ed hm but it does't seen to work. pls advise me on how to get it right. I just come back with a nice copper black plakat [a pair]. got it from our local fish shop. It had a good finage and a very balance colour. What more can I asked for when it from LFS. Well, on my flies on the steel blue x black plakat, it coming out quite nice for a 3 wks old. Still can't see the actual finage and colour cause it only 5-6 mm long. The super red is about the same. BTW, what your e-mail address? might post the
  5. Hi, To be frank I can't hire anyone to help me out and more over the way I jared my fish is quite easy. Will post u some photos when I get back my cameras. My english is not good and it might be very hard to explain. The picture will tell alot. At present, all the flies are in one big tank [Plakat and HM] with the plakat male looking after them. The problems will come when I have to jar all the male bettas, so until then I'm quite safe. Bye ant the best to all.
  6. HI there everyone, I'm PiyaDhammo from Penang, Malaysia. I have kept/breed bettas for the past 8 yrs and would like to gain more knowledge from all of you in Australia. I have a collection of 250+ bettas of few colours and most of them are super red hm and some plakats hm. At present, i have about 250-300 flies of super red hm and about the same amount oh plake hm [steel blue with super black]. Being a new member, I don't where to start or how to tell u about my crazy hobbies. All I can tell u is that l fell in love with bettas since the days I got them from the river in Penang [wild bettas].
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