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Flame Guppy


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This is one of the offspring of the fish from the outing, Phil's orange male guppy and a strictly aquariums wide tailed half blue female.

He looks nothing like his parents and was the only male to be born from about 30 fry :lookaround: all the females are golden yellow with black marbling. He's become quite a talking point as at 2 months of age 2cm his colours are becoming more vibrant everyday, his fins aren't fully grown yet but they look promising. I grew him up in the community tank, for some reason 80% of the guppy fry were not eaten so I ended up with quite a few more then I expected.

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Well I check in quite often I just never had the time to write.

I saw a tank full of male yellow snakeskin guppies at the LFS the other day, and for sum reason they reminded me of you

Yeah I like yellow/ warm coloured guppies, it's not often you come across good quality ones and they are fun to experiment with. The females turn out a nice golden brown like potato chips instead of a muddy brown.

I thought this fella's colour was so unique I had to show someone.

I've seen good quality double sword males once and regret not buying them, next chance I get they're mine :lookaround: .

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