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Good morning AusAqua!
I am not new to fish keeping but am nowhere near being an expert. I have been keeping fish for 5 years and still have a lot to learn. (3/5 of those years was keeping 8 black neon tetras in a 25 litre tank. ☹ )
I prefer natural décor over artificial and only decorate my tanks with wood, rock and plants etc.
I thought I might as well list my setups.

I have a 80l guppy tank, a 40l fry tank and a 150l community tank. I don't have pictures of the guppy tank yet because it is being rescaped.

Fry tank: I keep my guppy and corydoras sterbai fry in here.

150l community: I am going for a dishevelled dutch theme, or maybe more of a jungle.
I don't know why the first picture turned out so weird.
Those eggs are from the fourth spawning for my sterbais.
I hope to learn many new things on this forum!
EDIT: It said I had too many pictures, even when I only had one. Is this something about not being a member yet?
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