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Hi from Melbourne


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Hi there,

My name is Aaron and I reside in Melbourne.

I have recently purchased my first Bettas and thought I would come sign up and say GDay!
I am currently breeding Crystal Shrimp (Red Crystal and also have a Mischling program and getting some TB results which is always nice.)

Decided to get a couple Bettas as I had a spare AquaOne Trio tank sitting there, and decided not to use it for shrimp due to the escaping and mixing, which isnt what you want.

Here are a couple shots of my Bettas



Currently hiding out in a breeder box off my planted tank while I get the water right in the trio, I mixed the substrate up and didnt want to risk putting them in and having an Ammonia spike.

Damn addictive, so many different types.. so little tank space :(

For those interested, Here are a couple shots from my Shrimp Breeding project :)




Thanks very much, and look forward to seeing you all around :)

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haha sometimes we take a while. i have this affliction of checking the forum on my phone yet only being logged in on the laptop.

we go through periods where everyones active though.

and periods where its slow and Brenton and Ashlea talk to themselves mostly :P
lovely shrimp. im hoping once my tanks are settled i may take the leap into more than crystals :P
remember there is a melbourne shrimp meeting next weekend!!!!!

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Hi b00f,

Dont be put off by the forum's pace, The old grey mare, she ain't what she used to be... but having said that - trawl back through old threads and you've got a genetic gold mine.

I thought I might let you know that there's an upcoming Victoria Betta meeting at Clifton Hill on the 27th, you are most welcome to come along - you can even show your fish if you like (love the red/salamander guy!) or you can check out the Facebook page for more details.

It's pretty casual, but lots of people will be there, with a table show, talks, food and more.



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