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Hi from Cessnock NSW


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Hi my name is Allan & as title says i live in Cessnock . I have a small room set up with 8 800x450x400, 2 1200x450x400 1 1800x600x600 & 7 16L tanks in it at this stage. At the moment im breeding cichlids but i am on the lookout for one or two pairs of wild bettas of some variety. Cheers Ps anybody else live in Cess area?

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Hey Allan, welcome to the forums.

Quite a few guys and girls on here with major interests in wild Betta - Ashlea, Adam, and Maddie and James are all big keepers and breeders (although I think Adam may be scaling down due to study - but he will still be a wealth of information).

Have a good look around - lots of info, and don't be shy to ask questions...we don't bite, but we may ask for lots of photos :)

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Welcome to the forum :)

plenty of info here

Ash is our coccina ninja

Adam is the unimac complex guru

And me and James just keep a variety :P

there's Also a few Sydney wild keepers who aren't on here much but are localish to you so may be of help

Ron in Sydney has some amazing albimarginata's, holger in orange runs second nature aquarium and keeps a few species and mil and Mel who are mega involved on SSS also keep a few wild species (mostly unimaculata complex) bug that's jumping ahead a touch :P

Have a look around and enjoy the forum !

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Welcome mate. I'm not too far away, I'm at Medowie but not too many others around Newcastle on here. I currently have a few wilds and have spawns of smaragdina and Mahachai but are a few months off maturity. Plenty of information on here or people to help so don't de afraid to ask

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