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  1. You got some nice fish from that spawn
  2. Ive had snails start snacking on the eggs before. I dont recommend them until the fry are a few weeks old
  3. They are some nice fish
  4. Welcome mate. I'm not too far away, I'm at Medowie but not too many others around Newcastle on here. I currently have a few wilds and have spawns of smaragdina and Mahachai but are a few months off maturity. Plenty of information on here or people to help so don't de afraid to ask
  5. I would buy one off you if you sell them
  6. Yeah mate I have four already. They slow down the algae heaps
  7. Hey Brenton, I know nothing about plants but am having the same dramas as you trying to get some plants in my sorority and wild tank to stay alive so if you find a solution please post it as I will if i can sort it out
  8. All going well I should have plenty. Don't think any will be MG Until F2 I believe. Could be wrong though
  9. I just thought it has been a while since I have done a spawn log, so I might as well do this one. I'm fairly excited about this one. I put these two together on Wednesday. Girl was released on wed arvo as the male was already conditioned for another girl and the girl was a veteran having spawned for someone else before. Both were fed on dried black worms as thats all I feed now Here is the boy, not a good photo as he is in the spawn tank. I got him of jha a while ago And the girl after spawn. A little torn but he was fairly gentle. She was bought from extravagant bettas, i chose her because she was bigger than all my other girls, possibly a jumbo, has good form and i love Mustards They were spawned in a 28L storage container with clear sides. I had eggs on Thursday, Tails on Saturday so should be free swimming tomorrow when the boy will be taken out. I estimate about 150 now so should get a lot to chose from. Would be nice if I could end up with a giant MG HM
  10. Here are the eggs. I couldnt find them on ebay so went to his store http://stores.canadianaquafarm.com/-strse-Brine-Shrimp-Eggs/Categories.bok And this is the hatcheries I bought. They are only 300 ml but I find I don't get the waste http://item.mobileweb.ebay.com.au/viewitem?sbk=1&nav=SEARCH&itemId=271136052340 I have never not got a good hatch rate and its easy with the salt in there, I don't even dechlorinate the water
  11. If you want to hatch your own BBS the easiest way I have found is to buy the ones with the salt in the bag. I get them from Canadian aqua farm on eBay and they hatch every time. I know it won't help you now but will for next time. They cost more but i can raise two spawns on one 1/2 pound bag. Also the hatcheries on eBay from china for $15 work well too but take a month to get here. As for the growing at different rates I have no idea. I have the same thing with my spawns. They tend to even out more after jarring
  12. Wow! That is impressive. I'm sure my missus would leave if I had something like that
  13. That is awesome! I have been tempted to get a nano reef for a while and looking at yours has probably put me offer the edge.
  14. swordsy

    sick giant

    I bought this giant hmpk girl a week and a half ago and when I got her she wasn't real happy. After putting her in the barracks over night she jumped and ended up in the 3 ft sump. I put a heater on for her and she picked up but after going away for the weekend I came home to this. Does anyone know what is hanging our of her and the best way to treat it?
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