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  1. tori

    soft water

    Nothing special just a few apistos . Found some PH test strips & tested PH yesterday got 6.5 but same water with a liquid test kit got aprox 7.5. Ill take sample to lfs & get tested & see whats going on. Thanks
  2. tori

    soft water

    I was reading an article in TFH about substrate author used zeolite in her discus tank but didn't recommend it for rift lake cichlids as it turned the water soft. Im having trouble getting PH down and keeping it there, don't have room for big enough water tank RO is an option but spending spare money on gas heating the room so was looking for a cheep & easy way of softening the water. any ideas? Cheers
  3. tori

    soft water

    Anybody use zeolite to soften water before using IAL or peat to lower PH?
  4. tori

    soft water

    Hi, Just after ideas on the best way to soften water. having trouble keeping PH down. cheers
  5. tori

    Yeast as first food

    Thanks. No I don't feed yeast to fry just wondering, I don't have any bettas at the moment, pick up a pair of channoides wed so don't know how small betta fry are yet, but have a spawn of laetecara dorsigera that were free swimming yesterday& thay are small, the MW are bigger so I had food ready. But when I was feeding my live food cultures with yeast it got me thinking hence the question. While we are on the subject I nave MW,GW & daph but I am after any other form of live food I can get so has anyone got other live food cultures I can buy please. Thanks for the feed back. Cheers tori
  6. Yeast is a living organism & we use it to feed MW BBS so can it be used as a first food for fry? Cheers Allan
  7. Thanks for that. Not rushing in & buying the first i see done that before & end up with a tank wasted. Ill keep reading & looking untill something takes my eye. Cheers
  8. Hi my name is Allan & as title says i live in Cessnock . I have a small room set up with 8 800x450x400, 2 1200x450x400 1 1800x600x600 & 7 16L tanks in it at this stage. At the moment im breeding cichlids but i am on the lookout for one or two pairs of wild bettas of some variety. Cheers Ps anybody else live in Cess area?
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