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Our crappy shrimp


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We have tried our luck with shrimp a few times, a lot of the time we have failed.

Now we finally have dedicated shrimp only tanks (minus some Cpd's)

One tank currently has crystal blacks (s and ss grade) a snow white, yellow cherries and one or two blue cherries. This tank also has four Cpd's out and about.


Our other tank has crystal reds, range from b grade through to ss, a snow white, and a golden bee.

Also we have one black cherry.

Was meant to be more but the other four died while waiting for tank to be ready.

We also have cherry reds in with our Persephone right now. Sort of as a live food in the baby shrimps.

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yeah we're looking to try some of the azoo products in the near future: have heard really good reviews
these guys get whatever we have on hand at the moment: cucumber, zucchini, algea wafers, fluval shrimp james fed them lettuce the otehr day (they didnt like it much).
the red cherries have been breeding like nuts since we first got them(round feb this year). we have baby CBS and CRS at the moment fresh!
the blue and black cherries still neeed to do some growing since they are quyite small and arent sexable yet so were not even sure if we have both genders (only have like 2 of each due to problems with acclimatising them...)

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the tank in the shed is divided in two sections (solid divides)

CRS and CBS will cross but they are in different sides

the cherrries will breed too if given a chance so weve split them up

blacks are in one half

yellows and blues are in the other half (all still juvies though the yellows will be rehoused in the 4 foot DSM project once its flooded)

and all our red cherrries are in a 3 ft in the house

so very little interbreeding since anyone who can is seperated out plus we have breeder nets with the shrimp we want to cross.

we also have an exciting new addition tonight A BRAND SPANKING NEWLY HATCHED GALAXY RASBORA that weve bred/hatched ourself from our original 2 pairs. ive named him uno. he in my uno. hopefully there are more uno's coming soon :)

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yeah they're not too hard.
just slow growing and moving the parents around to avoid egg predation/increase fry survivals a bit of a pain (have only had them for like 2 weeks though so we will see). plan is the dsm project will be a rasbora grow out and parent pairs ill stay in the shed...till we move
heres the little tyke


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