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Hi everyone

Just getting back into fish after a few years off and then keeping shrimp exclusively.

I really love the the mouthbrooding wild Betta's I have recently been introduced to and have

Betta Albimarginata Captive Malinau

Betta Foerschi Wild Caught pudukuali

Betta foerschi (I guess wild type)

All from someone.

I hope to pick up some chanoides next.

I am also keen to get back into Killifish - both annual and non.



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Hey Durro, you have definietly come to the right place!

Wait till you get a gander at Wild Nut's posts (is it just me or does that not quite sound right). Seems like wilds have taken off here in Aus. Lots of people here to give you great advice on all species, and some very knowledgable people in regards to Killies as well.

Have fun and best of luck with your wilds


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Welcome Greg from one wild fan to another. I keep wild Splendens and Coccina complex species. Though I really like B. foerschi and almost bought a pair from JL.

Did you go up to the Caboolture show on the weekend and see all the wilds that were entered? A pair of B. albimarginata won the wild division. Hermanus from Indonesia was the head Judge and supplies Fishchicks with many wilds, he gave a talk on how he keeps and breeds wilds

If you are interested, Betta Australis meets in the Ace Comics game room in the arcade third Tuesday night of every month, and quite a few members keep and breed wilds.

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Thanks Guys

I have been looking at Wild Nut's pics ... really nice .... visited his site as well.

Yeah I did pop into see the Caboolture show and I actually bought that pair of albimarginata. I missed the talk though.

I'll try to get to the next meeting to meet a few people.


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This just made me laugh as it was just the weekend wild nut proclaimed "everyone seems to think I'm a guy"

I'm sure she won't take any offence.

Welcome to the forums.

If your also on facebook join up to wild bettas Australia. We would love to have some albi's getting passed around when big enough.

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Yes I am actually a girl. I don't know if I pick masculine sounding user names or what *lol* but on here and on other forums I tend to get pegged as male.

Anyway, I forgot to say welcome to the forum. It's always great to have another wild enthusiast on board (and thanks for the positive PM).

Also, although I keep predominately coccina complex fish now, I have kept and bred albis, channoides and strohi in the past so if you ever need any help I am generally always lurking around.

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