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Billed As Female Yellow CT...


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Thanks to Maddie and James for this little lady


I do love her form, especially the extended double ray caudal.

Question: Would you call her pineapple?

Not sure how well it shows up here, but her unpaired fins all fade out to cello, so she is butterfly?

I've not yet got to researching her, or what constitutes pineapple, but I'm guessing it's another display of the marble gene in effect...is that right?

If so, I'm thinking of matching her with this guy to create a line of butterfly CTPK (now who's reaching beyond their grasp?) :D/>


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Yep - I like clean as well. I was after her for her yellow (nr1 gene), but when she arrived, and I took the shot, that's when I noticed the pineapple touches...and the tendencies to BF.

So, do you agree there's marble in her?

If yes, then that would make her a good candidate to match with my possibly dragon BF HMPK to create the BF CTPK line, yes?

It would also give me a blood line to run alongside my other CTPK line ready for when I need to bring in new genes to freshen up

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Once again - going from the photo, it is hard to say. I wouldn't personally say marble or butterfly going from that photo. I had a few yellows in my HMPK spawn that had darker yellow in the base of the caudal getting lighter progressively through to what I called "yellow lace" - cello with a tinge of yellow to it. It is a trait common with yellows. Butterfly is more of a definite line between the colours, not a gradual fading to clear.


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Nice fish!

Sorry - I know you're not heavy into the genetic side of things J but...

Okay - so according to Joep: http://www.bettaterritory.nl/BT-AABcolorgenetics.htm

Pineapple: These fish are the result of a normally extended red fish showing the non-red phenotype. Pineapples are not clean yellows because they show black-scaling.

So she's an extended red carrying the nr1 gene, just not clean as she's showing the black edging.

According to Darkmoon: http://darkmoon17.deviantart.com/journal/Betta-Fish-Colors-216750430

Lavenders [...] have a platinum-lavender body with a butterfly pattern that has a ring of purple closest to the body followed by a ring of red.

Elsewhere: A lavender Betta is genetically Cambodian with extended Red and a layer of light iridescent blue-green.


So a cross with my Lavender BFHM will give me...

Extended red fry who carry the nr1 gene, with some showing marble, possibly BF, and maybe some irids with heavy red wash...and combtails

I know, just get them in the tank and see what happens, but it would be nice if I could get a handle on the expectations side of it so I can better plan what I need to move projects forward and when I'm considering fish for purchase...

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