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Moving House


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Gday guys,

I know this may seem like a silly question but Id rather be safe then sorry (especially when it comes to my bettas)

I am moving house in just over a weeks time, The house I am in has 50/50 tank and town water.

Now I am pretty sure the tap I use is from the tanks, and the house I am moving to is definately tank water.

When moving my fish, should I take some water with me to get them used to the new water?

Or would it be fine using the water from the new house to set up my tanks straight away?

Will I need to "age" the new water, and giving that the bacteria in the filter is already present- will I have any problems with putting in the 100% new water- or should I keep some of the old tank water to start off with?

Thanks in advance


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I think you should still cycle your tank for a bit but just to make sure your parameters are stable

You should have bacteria in your filter gravel and on your plants so I wouldn't worry about bacteria too much

As for tank water I've never given it much thought I spose if you want to be cautious bring your fish in bags with old water and add new water for a bit before you release them in a tank of new water to help acclimatize them. Fighters atleast are pretty hardy though

As long as pH etc are similar it shouldn't cause them too much shock.

Hope that helps a little bit but hopefully someone else will reply too

I've only ever been on town water

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Thanks for clearing that up for me mate,

I think I'll have to work out a way of cycling the tank for a bit.. Think I should be right though if I leave a bit of water in the bottom of the tank while I move it..

would I be right with cleaning the sponges etc out in the old water, so I get rid of alot of the gunk? Or would that affect the bacteria too much?

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Filter bacteria can die off pretty quickly. Try to move in small lots so you can get those filters going as quickly as possible. I heard 20 minutes was the maximum. But I've had situations when power went out for a whole day and there were no disasters when it came back on. Mind you bettas tend to be pretty hardy.

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