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world first black dumbo


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Basement bettas on Facebook (Texas USA) just posted this aquabid sale up..

Worlds first black dumbo... Aquastar has his BiN at only $1,200.

His auction can be found here..


insane hey

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I was thinking about this the other day, a crowntail with a double anal fin (as in sort of two, side by side) came in as shop stock.

I guess these new mutations are worth something, if someone was willing to "line breed" that trait into the fish - we might end up with fighters that are crazy colours and weird big fins - Oh wait. Thats a black Dumbo.

Problem is that a colour is nice, but won't take long to saturate the market.... but a double anal fin ! That's just about irresponsible enough to work!

I should breed them up - who wants fish with more fins than they can carry?

...anyway, just a thought that might "justify" these stupid prices on new mutations.


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