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  1. can you guys put pictures up of the fish so we all can see whats for auction even if we couldnt make it / dont live in that state
  2. EVERYDAY without fail i jump online and check to see if there is anything new on this topic, i get excited to see the development of the fry and at the same time learning about your family wild nut! i love it, it just puts a smile on my face each and everyday to read and look at the pictures of your beautiful wilds
  3. cherries should be fine with the tetras, and have you thought about catfish or plecos for your algae eating best friends? they do an amazing job at keeping my tanks clean ( I use Bristlenose catfish )
  4. my best bet would be a pugnax. no hardcore proof but thats what it looks like to me
  5. take out the girl as soon as they have finished breeding, and the male as soon as the fry are free swimming, you can leave the male in for a little bit after the fry are free swimming, but at no cost should you leave the female in, the male will attack her to defend the nest and in the end kill her
  6. KatuwaToy

    Clamped fins

    she could just be stressed out, maybe the container is too small and she feels trapped, thus making her stressed, and the reason why of the clamped fins?
  7. i want my fry to grow quicker :( comon guys and gals please grow quicker for daddy

  8. those babies look gorgeous! only thing are you sure it was him she bred with? especially how you only had them together for a week, it might be another boys babies. i certainly hope they're not, the parents are so beautiful Love Kat
  9. such beautiful fish! im so jealous Love Kat
  10. they are coming soon x i promise theyre so small and my camera has the worst zoom so im trying to will them to grow faster so the pics can go up XD
  11. i own a pair of wajoks and a pair of channoides
  12. I will be tring out BBS and I've never been to Auburn Aquarium, but I've heard its an amazing Aquarium store, I must go Chi i should be up that way soon, Id love to buy Grindel Worm starter pack and MW Starter pack
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