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  1. can you guys put pictures up of the fish so we all can see whats for auction even if we couldnt make it / dont live in that state
  2. cherries should be fine with the tetras, and have you thought about catfish or plecos for your algae eating best friends? they do an amazing job at keeping my tanks clean ( I use Bristlenose catfish )
  3. i want my fry to grow quicker :( comon guys and gals please grow quicker for daddy

  4. those babies look gorgeous! only thing are you sure it was him she bred with? especially how you only had them together for a week, it might be another boys babies. i certainly hope they're not, the parents are so beautiful Love Kat
  5. hii someone xx i hope you like this forum as much as we all do xx , id love to hear your stories, experiences and advice on breeding fish. xx Kat
  6. i think you can, ive been researching it as well, no where online does it say you cant, so i guess you can? :confused:
  7. really wish i knew how to build betta barracks

    1. Scrappy


      I havent personally made one myself, but from what i read of others it seems fairly easy.. Use the seach function up the top, im certain others have posted how they made theirs

    2. KatuwaToy


      thanks i will do

  8. there's no real way she will keep doing it until she has dominance or kills the other fish its just her personality
  9. I have started with 3 betta fish, 1 male cellophane crowntail, one cellophane female veil and one red female veil. I wish to start breeding and collecting different types of betta, ones im currently into include: crowntails, rosetails, halfmoons, full moons, half suns, full suns, Dragons, long finned plakats, elephant ear HMS and full moons, Elephant ear Super deltas, Elephant ear half suns and full suns and last but not least, Double tail HM/fullmoons, Double tail Super deltas and Double Tail Half sun / Full sun. ( ANY COLOURS ) I currently live in Sydney Kind Regards From Katu
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