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2 Years in the Making


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For those who don't know me, here's the back story.

Since I got into fish 3-4 years ago, I've always loved Angelfish, and eventually came to fall for Discus as well, but I was only allowed one big tank... Here's the progression of my obsession! (Yay, rhymes!)


August 2, 2011. The Angels... This is around the time I saw my first Asfur Angel at work. Instant love.


October 8, 2011. Temporary upgrade to a standard 4ft, Discus added. 4 x 18 x 2" Tank on order.


November 2, 2011,The new tank is here! Size comparison shot (Yes the 4ft was outdoors while the room was rearranged to accommodate the larger tank).


April 19, 2012.


July 7, 2012. Rescaped due to getting bored with it, had set up a marine nano and was feeling the salty vibe...

Between then and September 30, my sister had asked me to be her bridesmaid at her wedding. As weddings go, we all got insanely busy.. By the start of October I had lost more than $500+ worth of my fish. I hadn't found the time to do a water change and lost all but one Discus. I was devastated and for a long time contemplated tearing the tank down and going salty and finally getting the Asfur Angel I've always wanted... Then we had someone bring in a bunch of sickly, skinny Discus into work wanting to give them away. You can see where this is going, can't you?

... Will continue later. Lunch break over.

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Thanks Daniel. To be honest, I dont think I would do it again. It was fine for a long time. Then the Angels started breeding and they would bully the Discus and other Angels down one end of the tank. Then I had a pair of Discus start breeding at the same time. Then a second pair of Discus all going at once. By the end of if, the Discus ended up having a few scales knocked loose and the low men on the totem pole were losing weight. Eventually I gave the Angels away. Maybe if I had a 6 or 8 ft tank that was at least 2ft wide as well as high I would but not in this little toy of a tank. That or get rid of breeding pairs as they pop up but when you get attached to the fish that can make things difficult. Ill tell some more story with more pictures in my lunch break. Ive got to go' fishing' right now.

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So... then came the big move. The tank and I moved out of home! Upon relocation I decided to make things a lot easier on myself and get rid of the live plants... Welcome to Plastic City.


Nov. 11, 2012.


Add some livestock... Cherry barbs, Emperor Tetra, female fighters, a male fighter, my 1 remaining Discus and 3 survivors from a customer. No Angels. It was alright... but I still wasn't happy.

These photos were taken this morning....



My beloved Pearl Gouramis, new residents of Auburn Aquariums 5ft planted display.

And this morning... everything but the Discus is gone. They will soon be gone too.

And this little fellow is why.


Ever since I saw my first one at work, I have wanted one. My dream fish IS IN MY HAND!

The sad news is, my BF and I now have to move, so this little guy will be living at work until the BF and I find a new place. :( Hopefully it won't be too long before I can update this thread with pictures of my wee little Angel in his new home.

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Yan, this is awesome news! (Crap about the housing situation) but GREAT that you're getting your perfect fish.

It's like me wanting a sensible car, for years I had the worst versions of the worst junk piles of the worst variety.

Now I drive a corolla

and it's the most bland, boring sensible most fantastic car in the world.

because it works


Yes, it's been a long day.


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