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:D Hey Betta Lovers!


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Hey All,

Okay about me, Im a single Mummy from the Bundaberg region(QLD). I have owned Bettas before but have since moved and started all over again.. I bought my son a 10L aquarium and found a beautiful Veiltail boy to put in.. Since then Ive taken over and I want more :) Ive bred many types of fish over the years, at one stage I had about 7 tanks all 3-4 feet long, and contain fish such as goldfish, tetras, silver sharks, guppies, and fish I used to find in the dam I had :P

I never realised just how many types of Bettas there were until now.. Ive been checking out halfmoons, rose tails, crowntails and would like to one day have one Betta of each colour and line the tanks up along a bench in my room- Already have 3 10L tanks that are identical. Ive been finding it difficult to find a breeder that is okay with shipping here though.. So I patiently await..

Thank you, I hope this is enough general info :) Have a nice day

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