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  1. Welcome to the forum it's full of useful info & friendly people If you search through the classifieds on a regular basis you can pick up some lovely fish from breeders/sellers who are more than happy to freight :dance:
  2. not fish related but yay my goudians hae bred and the babies are finally out of the nest :D

    1. monroe1
    2. dan78


      Mine still nesting should see young in a few days if eggs still good

  3. I really wish I could get hold of a giant dumbo...one of the down falls of living in the middle of nowhere

  4. Hi Joan how are you? Just wondering if you still have those 3 macrostoma for sale? Cheers K

  5. Love that Bi-Colour Delta!
  6. finally decided to come back after losing one of my fav betta's late last year... I was sure I'd never get any more betta's after losing him but the hobby is just too addictive!

    1. lildeb


      Losing a special one is hard, but having a special one to lose makes it all worth the smiles and the sads... :)

    2. shadoh


      Sorry to hear you lost your fav. I know exactly what you're going through. And yes, my betta addiction bought me back too :D Welcome back!

    3. monroe1


      thanks =) I just got a black orchid yesterday ..

  7. thanks guys had a lovely day =)

  8. Happy birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day. :))

  9. Happy Birthday! Have a great day :)

  10. These home renovations will kill me before the week even begins...Delaying bedtime for fear of the aches I will wake up with :/

    1. mumofthehoarde


      it will still get you....

  11. My snake is afraid of her dinner :/ Tempremental thing she is!! grr

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Sara_01


      My womas have just started to eat again, apart from the gravid female. I'd love to keep olives if I had the room. If you ever drop in on aps again I'm sara_sabian

    3. luv_my_fish


      well we have moved around alot the past few months and i think he didnt take too well to it...i also use to go on aps, but if you search my threads (my_snakey) you will know why i dont go on there anymore =(

    4. Sara_01


      Do you still have that nice SA Woma? I've got one of Denvers silver SA's, he's a cranky little fella but he's just gorgeous. I usually don't bother posting on APS for that reason, I just browse and perve on peoples snakes. Too much hybrid love on aps.

  12. Adam your fish are absolutely beautiful! I am sooooooooo happy with all 14 girls lol =) they look like skittles in my tank YAY for finally getting them home. You rock btw!!

  13. That's an impressive setup you have there! And in impressive number of killifish species too!
  14. Waits patiently at the front door for her new girls to arrive!!! =)

    1. shadoh


      Good thing one of us is patient. I keep running to the door thinking I hear the delivery van...

    2. shadoh


      I'm much better at sending fish than waiting for them ...lol

    3. monroe1


      Hehehe cute!I lost my patience & called lucky I did as they had planned to not bother sending them today until I got argumentative! Waiting for anything is always trying even more so when it's little fishes lol

  15. my killi's are super fun to watch flirting with each other nawww lol

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