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ideas for tank mates


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Hey guys, its been a fair while since I've poked my head in here!

after a long absence, I'm keen to get back into the swing of things but need some help.

I have a 279l tank which I want to use as a display tank, and at the moment it has my Oscar in it riding solo. I am just a bit unsure as to what would be better.

keep the Oscar in it and add some tank mates (what would go with him to make it look impressive but have no dramas)


have a group of female betta with tank mates (sames as above).

I want the tank to look impressive but don't know which would be less drama.

what do you guys think?

all help much appreciated!


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To be completely honest, I'm not sure.

my main aim is to have a nice display tank for the loungeroom and keep down the amount of tanks I have as I want to get back into fighters, and have grown quite fond of the Oscar as I've had him for about 3 years.

so going off this I will have..

display tank

betta barracks

sorority tank

breeding tank if I decide to breed

which adds a grow out tank

quarantine tank

and/or a tank for the Oscar.

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Nah, apistos are too small for an Oscar. A display tank is all about what you think looks good, so if you want your Oscar in there, then you have it there. It's entirely up to you, there are some larger cichlids that can live happily with an Oscar and it'll look great. Look around on the net for what you like that is compatible.

Pretty much just other large cichlids that will be compatible. You could find another Oscar for yours if you wanted and just have the two, as I said its up to you.

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upto yourself if you keep the oscar but i just turned my 4ft 375L tank to a female betta tank and it comes up very well.

i have in tank

females types are








with 1 sky blue half moon male

also ( all chosen so fighters take focus of view )

neon tetra

glass tetra

brisstle nose catfish

mystery snails

ram horn snails

glass shrimp

i gave found that the arena females will eat the tetra whole if they are to small tho ( so i make sure to buy the biggest i can find )

apart from that they are no issues in the tank and now there are no small tetra the fighters leave them alone

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Thanks for the help guys.. I have decided to just bite the biccy and get a few cichlids for the community tank.. And have a sorority tank and an Oscar tank as well..

now to research into what cichlids go together and look amazingly colorful while being easy keep for a beginner lol

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