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  1. the funny thing is there not if there imported there illegal if they have been bred in aus then therer not
  2. id say no filter on and seriously like a drop or 2 of the stuff
  3. hi everyone after a bichir if aanyone can get them or knows anyone who can can u plz tell me will pay mansomly
  4. hi everyone need somehelp with some apistogramma i bought a pair of apisto trifasciata just want to know any tips on breeding them and increasing there colours thanks everyone
  5. hi yeah your problem is that u havent prepaed the female for 1-2weeks u need to prep the male and female on live and frozen food nothing else and just introduce the female in the coke bottle everyday for like 5-10 mins and when she gets a belly and it looks like shes about explode than u can add her and just leave them but what i found out is well i dont use styrophome cause if they breed i cant see the eggs were with no styro u can see if there are eggs and also if u want just pm me and ask as many questions as u what doesnt worry me the slitest :dance:
  6. hi everyone i also found some halfmoons
  7. if u just could take pics and upload than we could tell u exactly what colour type and exactly what tail type your fighters are if your looking for fancy bettas would highly recommend someone on youtube check out her channel and u will fall in love with bettas
  8. hi guys just a update on the fry what ever ive been doing it works ive still got a bit over 100 and i just looked at a couple and i thought they had kinks on the tip of the tail but its actually there tail type ive got some HMPK some spadetail and some plakats cant wait till colours im going to make a photobucket account so there will be pics later today thanks ayden
  9. hi everyone does anyone have any killifish eggs for sale and if so what species and would do u need to do to hatch them and raise them thanks everyone
  10. thats pretty mean ness :alright: nah just kidding yeah i was supposed to be organised but its hard to get bbs eggs in sydney
  11. alright thanks les i will bu thow do u upload pics :confused:
  12. hi thanks guys will do the rgg thing but today i went to my friends aquarium and he had a old thai remadee thing for fighting fish fry its like dust thats how fine it is so im going to try that the eggs and when i get BBS
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