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  1. hi everyone need somehelp with some apistogramma i bought a pair of apisto trifasciata just want to know any tips on breeding them and increasing there colours thanks everyone
  2. if u just could take pics and upload than we could tell u exactly what colour type and exactly what tail type your fighters are if your looking for fancy bettas would highly recommend someone on youtube check out her channel and u will fall in love with bettas
  3. thats pretty mean ness :alright: nah just kidding yeah i was supposed to be organised but its hard to get bbs eggs in sydney
  4. alright thanks les i will bu thow do u upload pics :confused:
  5. hi thanks guys will do the rgg thing but today i went to my friends aquarium and he had a old thai remadee thing for fighting fish fry its like dust thats how fine it is so im going to try that the eggs and when i get BBS
  6. yeah i have lots of mozzie rafts but they are a tiny bit big for there mouth and also how long do u feed them baby brine shrimp for
  7. hi everyone need some help ive got about 200 to 300 baby fighters that hatched yesterday and ive got a 2ft tank for them to grow out in but i dont have microworms or brine shrimp eggs what can i feed them my brine shrimp eggs should be here in a week anyone got any tips for food and good servivol rate cheers ayden
  8. number 3 male is a celofane and i think hes a plakat but his tail is quite odd to tell u the truth i wouldnt breed him with any of those females i would go for the more expensive and get a platinum white female but thats just what i think dont breed that doubletail plakat with an y of them and im being serious but thats just if u want his colours
  9. on etip put some big shells in the tank they are kind of a shell dweller i my self keep and breed neolamprologus brevis,transcriptus gombe,afracobue and neolamprologus occellatus gold
  10. hi yeah thats me but im not that worried about plakathunter if u coukd just give me full rights on this account that would be great but thanx any way
  11. hi my names ayden ive been keeping african cichlids and bettas for about 4yrs now right now i have a opacqe male HMPK 3 juldichromis transcriptus gombi 2 brevis 4 ellectric yellow a trio of afra cobue and my oldest fish my pseudotropheus crabro and at the moment am looking for a indian dwarf puffer fish so if any one could help plz give me a message
  12. welcome to the site i myself breed HMPK ive got a whit opacque dalmation male but i need a female HMPK so gary if u have anything up for sale could u let me know thanx
  13. we have single pk males - copper, fancy etc. Keep an eye on the youtube channel.

    Cheers, someone

  14. hi someone just asking cause my male giant super HMPK died and i wanted to know if you have any just normal HMPK s at the moment in a dark fancy colour thanx

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