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Action Required: Save your avatars and profile pics

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Forum upgrade FAIL! What a disaster that little activity was. Sorry about that everyone. If you weren't around (aren't you lucky), the forum went offline last night after I failed at my attempt to upgrade it to the latest version. And then more stress this morning as I attempted to restore from backup and kept getting timeout errors. What a nightmare! I am going to attempt an upgrade again but this time I'll get Tech Support to do it.

There will be a few changes that will occur, the main one which will affect everyone is that there will be only one profile pic, not an avatar as well as a profile pic. So your action is to save your avatars and profile pics. Most of you are probably linking to a Photobucket file anyway, although I think the avatars are actually stored on the board, not sure. Anyway, save them so you can reload them if required.

The other thing that seemed to change was signatures. But it looked like a setting was missing to translate html code in sigs. Might just be a process I need to run. But to be safe, you might want to save your signatures just in case.

Haven't decided when I'll request the upgrade. I need time to get over the last 24 hours! *lol* It won't be before next Friday. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

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