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What Killi?


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Hi everyone,

I have a spare 100l (66cm x 38cm x 40cm) and a 25l (45cm x 20cm x 25cm) and was wondering what killifish I should get. I know it`s amazing isn`t it, spare tanks o,O Well kind of... I have been attempting at breed my peacock gudgeons but they are now in the 3ft community.

I was thinking of either getting Chromaphyosemion Poliaki (Yes I did have to search that to find the spelling) or perhaps Australe "Gold" or even Gardneri (possibly P82 or Udi berge). I have been keeping fish for a few years now and attempted at hatching out some P82 eggs I generously got given but my silly Gold Panchax jumped into the breeding net I had the fry (I hatched out about 20 from 25 eggs too), I was only a few days away from moving them into their own tank too :(

I`ve always loved the killis but the only way I can really get them here are through eggs in the mail so I need a species that is relatively easy to hatch out and raise

So I suppose my question is are the Australe or Poliaki easyish to hatch out as I`m deffinitely no master (and don`t worry if I did hatch them out I`m never trusting a breeding net again or I would get one with a lid this time..) or may it be better to go with the Gardneri? I really do love the Australe and Poliaki but if they are hard to hatch and raise out I might just go with the Gardneri. Also any other killifish that are easy- medium to hatch out and care for please ad because I`m open to anything that looks nice :D

Thanks for your help, Dan.

P.S I was planning on breeding them in the 25l and raising them in the 100l and having the 100l split so I can have two different age groups? Would that be the best way to go or...?

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I suggest you just stick with Gardneri first as they are for the beginner killie keeper.

Australe and Poliaki is good as well but i find Poliaki is a little bit more delicate..

At least with Gardneri you will get plenty of eggs.

I think raising the fry in a 100L tank is too big a tank....

Usually my routine is:

Eggs (collected in a small take away container)

hatch - 2 weeks left in the small take away container

2-4 weeks move to a 10L container

4+ weeks move to a 25L container until adult..

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Thanks! I might leave the Poliaki out until I master hatching/ raising the Gardneri/ Australe. Maybe with the tank I should divide it into three then I could have three compartments and sort it out from there. Alwell I can leave that until later, first I need to hatch, raise and choose a killifish.

Thanks again, Dan.

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Gardneri is the easiest of the killies to hatch and raise.

Poliaki is still OK, to try as a beginner but you might raise fewer than gardneri.

If you could I'd get a pair and collect the eggs yourself. It's an easier way (but I am lazy :embarrass: ). Having said that about 35% of the killies I have were given to me as eggs.

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Hi everyone, just thought I`d conclude this post by saying I got an Aphyosemion Australe Trio! but may get a pair of Poliaki in the comming weeks, maybe months!


A female


The male


Oh and heres a picture of my female Peacock Gudgeon just cos biggrin.gif


And one of the male

I`ll stop now


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