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LED light opinion


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Hi everyone,

I'm thinking of purchasing a decent led light for my 30L cube tank.

I found one that has 4x 15000k white light and 3x blue led. I remember another member on here saying 6500k is good for plants.

Currently in my tank i have a few bunches of java fern, 2 anubias and 2 ludwigia stems.

Would the light spectrum be correct to keep the plants happy ?

is it an overkill on lights?

Here's a pic of it.



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15000k is the colour of the light, anything over 10,000K is blue it's not possible to have 150000K and it's white. Also the number does not add together... maybe you have 3 5000K ones?

Blue light are excellent for marine tanks for coral but normal tropical tanks would need white light coz it can't absorb the blue light as well

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i see..

can you take a picture of how they are situated and where and so forth?

Will send you some money as well so you can send them back and will send you a newer set if you wish at no extra cost?

SAF i had this happen a few times in one of my experiments, if it is dimly lit it's mostly because it is constantly exposed to water vapour and that has caused the connectors to oxidise (rust)

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