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Nothobranchius Rachovii in stock at Subscape


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I don't know much about much

But I see these shiny little dudes up the back of the shop

I rikey

Nothobranchius Rachovii:

Size: 5cm

Temperature: 22 - 29C (71 - 85F)

pH-Value: 6,5 - 7,2

Lighting: Not too bright

Food: Dry, live or frozen food

Swimming: Found in lower area

Aquarium setup: Planted aquarium + stones/roots

Behaviour: Non-agressive easy to keep (mixed aquarium)

Reproduction: Egg-layer

Tank size: 40-80L for group or 5-20L for a pair/trio




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Sometimes when my fish suddenly die for inexplicable reasons I think I should just get some annual killifish. Then when they die after 12 months or so I won't feel like a fish keeping failure *lol*

Amazing colours on these guys. Tell Justin he needs to get more killies in. All those tanks wasted on boring cichlids. Who doesn't love a fish that looks like it is smiling all the time.

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