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bitaeniatum IJEBU ODE


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Is your whole fish room dedicated to killies or do you keep other species? I've seen Serkan's set-up in pictures and doubt my mum would be keen if I started converting the spare bedroom to a fish room *lol* Seems like you'd have to have a lot of tanks, even just for growing out fry and young fish.

Found this person's I believe fish room on another forum


Was blown away by the amount of species they kept and how darn nice their tanks actually all look.

Since all my killies were feeling frisky this morning I got some decent photos of them. Didn't realise until after though that I had a big finger smudge on my glass.





Their temporary home. They are moving into a bigger sized tank on the weekend


Poliaki female who was hanging out being surprisingly photogenic

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27 tanks/containers in the study (some divided or will be divided)

35 tanks/containers in the sunroom (some divided or will be divided)

5 tanks/containers in the laundry (some divided or will be divided)

228 tanks/containers in the garage (some divided or will be divided)

2 tanks outside (not including tubs)

So all up 297+ tanks (excluding tubs)

Mostly it is killies

But there are a lot of tanks that is currently empty due to the fact i don't have that much time.

I do have other fish around but I am in the process of wanting to sell them all off and just concentrate on killies and bettas...

BTW, Serken if you are coming to the Christmas party you are more then welcome to drop by...

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I got my first eggs off these guys today!!

So excited :D

Is there a little trick to finding and collecting the eggs? Or do you start to know what you're looking for after a while?

Is there anything special I need to do with these eggs and how long until they will hatch?

Thanks guys :D

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We have a pair of these guys at work, absolutely gorgeous. I'm almost tempted to take them for my community tank, but I fear I'd lose them through the auto feeder hole in the lid. But in 300+ litres, what reason would they have to jump? Hmmm... Tempting. Very tempting.

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