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New Killies from AI


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Dear all..

just to let you know that there are new killies from AI..

30x coming * APHYOSEMION BITAENIATUM IJEBU-ODE G. BR. ...should have 48 left in AI's tank

20x coming * APHYOSEMION SCHEELI G.BR ...should have 44 left in AI's tank

23x coming * A. Sjoestedi (Blue Gularis) ...got the whole order

..they got some others but those are what I ordered...

If you are in Sydney and interested let me know and we'll see what we can do...

The cost of the BITAENIATUM and Sjoestedi is quite dear..but that is what obsessions is for :)

I will be putting pairs up on http://ozfishybids.com for those interested

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Wow I really like the look of the Bitaeniatum. They are simply stunning. Might have to see if I can't get some ordered in.

Just saw you may be putting pairs up on Ozfishybids and was wondering do you ship adult killies interstate? Let me know if you are putting any pairs of them up and I will gladly grad a couple!

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Well the BITAENIATUM IJEBU-ODE should sell at least $80.00+ a pair

And the Sjoestedi should be similarly priced...

But I can't seem to remember when BITAENIATUM IJEBU-ODE is in the country...

Scheeli is relatively abundant so it's good that we have got new blood in the country.

Yeah there is poliaki and striatum...but i got too much of those. So no need more

They do have Australe Gold atm as well...but i have that in abundance as well.

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That seems like a decent enough guess/base price. They are very stunning little fish.

I am scratching my head trying to remember how much I paid for my blue gularis through EA and I think it was around that or maybe a titch higher.

I am of the mind if I want them bad enough I don't really care what the price is *lol*

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