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Got Estrablished Tank in Melb West?


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Hey Everyone,

Purchased a new tank and looking to get it running up ASAP so I was wondering if anyone in melb's west would be able to help me out with lending me some filter material from a healthy tank so I may get mine up & running.

Thanks in advance!!

P.S dont mind my english I was typing fast! <_<

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Hey Muss,

Your heart is in the right place! However I'll admit with the Betta, that (in my experience) there is very little need to cycle the tank, as the fish don't really produce enough waste to inspire an ammonia spike.

As your tank is 72 lt (http://www.fishfriend.com/tank_volume_calculator.html) and will be housing something like 8 betta- you're pretty safe!

I'd get cracking with the sponge filter built into the sump with the pump, you could also put ceramic noodles in there too if you like.

Now, when I set up tanks I do use a seasoned sponge to kickstart things, but a dash of "cycle" in the tank gets it going, de chlorinator (I use a carbonate hardness powder that locks KH and PH - optional) and a pinch of salt.

If you have Indian Almond Leaf - it's a god-send to help halfmoons resist disease etc.... I'd suggest you look into that for the someone Lea fish - it really helps lower the stress levels after shipping.

(: ....just incase you can't get a hold of a seasoned sponge.


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I have been so busy with work I haven't had the chance to get into it. I will be getting into it on Sunday & Monday as I have the days off.

I am going to be making a spray bar for tank, LED Lighting & will be taking Ness' advice and going to use some cycle and I have IAL as well so Hopefully that will get it going a bit.

Could anyone tell me if your standard LED light strips will be enough light if I have anubias in the tank as well or will I need something alot stronger? The LED lights are just for show for really and just to turn the lights on every now and then.

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