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  1. I purchased one of these from my LFS a few weeks ago and I'm pretty happy with it. Keeps the water a stable temperature. Picked mine up for $10
  2. Hey everyone, I have been reading up about RO water as my tap water pH is over 7.0 . So I purchased some RO water from LFS but upon further reading I found that people are suggesting additives to the water because of RO water not having the nutrients fish need? Do I add a additive ? & what kind? Would I be better off mixing 50% RO & 50% tap water? I also have a betta pH buffer powder but the instructions aren't really clear on when and how often I should use it. It just says a certain tbsp treats 20L. Just wondering if anyone can help me clear a few of these questions f
  3. Flat bottomed and square shaped bottles :
  4. There is "UP Aqua Shrimp Sand", I have seen them for about $24 for 2kgs.
  5. SUSS8


    Welcome !!! && Goodluck! About 2 months ago I started with one veil tail and now I have a barracks up and running with 3 Halfmoons and still purchasing more So this is why I wish you luck with only having one lolz Muss
  6. Using a heat gun and a sharp long blade and maybe just try slicing thru it. Might be easier with two people ? One to heat and another to cut with the blade ?
  7. Any local breeders in melbourne?

    1. melbournebetta


      Bettarazzi, Meself, Joan, Hai, Neffy if she's being a good girl, Somchai, Denning, hmmmmmm..... Victoria? Am I missing anyone?

    2. SUSS8


      I have to keep me eyes open for when these new spawns are old enough to purchase O_O

  8. Anyone Who is online now, someone has just added 2 new videos of some beautiful half moons!!!!!

  9. I have brought it down to the Eheim Pick Up filter 2006....I have read good reviews and seems to be a decent unit. The best price I could find for this type of unit was for $40 from a LFS. Just wondering if anyone had any experience with the Eheim Pick Up filter 2006 and also if it sounds like a fair price for the unit?
  10. I just did another ammonia, nitrite & nitrate test. Ammonia: 0ppm Nitrite: 0ppm Nitrate: 0ppm Im a Happy Boy! So water parameters are A-Okay and this is after a 2 days of testing. So now I think I may go out and grab some Accu-Clear and give it a go.
  11. Well I got home tonight after work (work arvos) and I went over to feed Godzilla (Veiltail) & Finger Painting (Halfmoon) and I noticed that they have made Bubble Nests for the first time since Ive owned them...I almost didnt notice till i was looking at them and I was like OH WHAT!!! and they both did at the same day as well. Id normally yell out to my missus to come check it out and share my excitement but shes fast asleep lol so I thought Id take a few pics and share it here...
  12. Yeah I dont know if its a good quality filter either...I really have not been happy with it since I have had it I wouldnt recommend anyone to purchase it To be honest. I want to get another filter but my only problem is I am not sure what to purchase as I get told different things from different LFS. :confused:
  13. I did a 90% water change last night and at the same time, cleaned the sponge filter, as well as taking the filter apart and cleaning it up as well. The water is finally actually clean now!! It is a little bit cloudy but you can see the water is clear, there is nothing floating around, no particles etc. I may try some Accu-Clear to get rid of the rest of the little bit of cloudyness. I will check what my readings of Ammonia are again tonight.
  14. I did a 90% a few weeks because it started to become cloudy but before that it seemed to be fairly clear. I just did another ammonia test and Im still getting a reading of 1.0PPM. Should I do another 90% water change? I will siphon the tank and just add fresh water with conditioner and should I do/add anything else?
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