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  1. I purchased one of these from my LFS a few weeks ago and I'm pretty happy with it. Keeps the water a stable temperature. Picked mine up for $10
  2. SUSS8

    ASAP Dosage Help

    By drops, do you mean like 1-2 granules of the stuff ?
  3. I got my hands on some "yellow powder" (THANK YOU HEAPS TO A CERTAIN SOMEONE) And on the instructions for dosage it says 1c.c. Into tank of 60L Well I only have a 10L quarantine tank so how would I get the right dosage in that? Also, when treating with the "yellow powder" do I leave the filter going? How long do I leave the fish in there for ? And how often must I treat? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated so I can save my remaining two half moons :(
  4. Hey everyone, I have been reading up about RO water as my tap water pH is over 7.0 . So I purchased some RO water from LFS but upon further reading I found that people are suggesting additives to the water because of RO water not having the nutrients fish need? Do I add a additive ? & what kind? Would I be better off mixing 50% RO & 50% tap water? I also have a betta pH buffer powder but the instructions aren't really clear on when and how often I should use it. It just says a certain tbsp treats 20L. Just wondering if anyone can help me clear a few of these questions for me!! Thanks, Muss
  5. Yeah I heard I just couldn't find potassium permanganate
  6. Yeah will do, I'm actually going to do a Methylene Blue + salt bath and Ill either take photos or videos on how I go about doing it and post it up
  7. Im really hoping it works (
  8. Yeah valentine is a Great looking boy and fairly big boy & he is one of someone-leas entrants. I purchased some aquarium salt and I have IAL at home. I am going to buy a KH test kit as well to check the levels. I might treat with aquacycline, IAL & salt and hope for the best !!
  9. Also forgot to mention the second boy always had black around the edge of his fins right around just so it doesnt confuse everyone. Should I start with melafix first and see if it works and then move onto adding salt & IAL extract or should these be added within dosage with melafix/pimafix?
  10. Okay, I noticed this just tonite when the my two boys were flaring and I cannot work out if its rot or nipping! I had them at my parents house in smaller tanks (normally in their barracks) and got them both back like this. Valentine: Tiny: I have change about 10%-20% of the water weekly. I use Prime to de-chlorinate the water and thats about it I dont add anything else to the water. I checked all my water parameters and everything is on the good side so there shouldnt be any problems there. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated !! Muss
  11. thanks for clarifying Steph, bcoz I was gonna say isnt that ALOT of to use on one little fish ! I am currently looking at having to treat finrot, I am just wondering anyone have any experience with API BettaFix? I heard its the same thing as Melafix but only more diluted.
  12. Do you use all 4 meds at once or just the first two and if they don't work move to the third option etc ?
  13. Flat bottomed and square shaped bottles :
  14. http://www.benibachi.com.au/
  15. There is "UP Aqua Shrimp Sand", I have seen them for about $24 for 2kgs.
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