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Betta barracks design


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Hey guys,

I'm looking for help on betta barracks design.

I would like to have a couple made, but first I want to know how they work. I'm not a very technical person, but if things are explained clearly, or have decent photos, I can follow. Usually it helps if I can have a hands on demonstration, but I know this is not practical on the internet.

I do like my fish to have a bit more room than the typical barracks, so would like wider bays. Minimum would be 15cm wide, possibly 20cm. I would also prefer to have a sumped barracks with the sump behind the barracks, so a all in one set up.

Cheers, and thanks in advance for any replies.

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Hope this helps a little...


I should note that each barrack is 10cms wide in this setup...

Forgot to point out that each container has a hole in the back to allow water to exit. The shelves the containers sit on slightly slpoe back to allow the water to run down the back wall of the barracks in to a small divided section at the back of the sump that is about 1cm wide, the water then flows from there into the 1st filter media section, under a gap and into the second media section then over the top ov the divider into the section that has the heater and powerhead...

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