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Aqua Soil

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My experience and from what people who have used Aqua Soil is that it clouds water very easily when it is disturbed and breaks down very easily. I've heard more bad than good (some people were very happy with it), but don't make the mistake of washing/rinsing it before putting it in the tank. One persons tank didn't clear up (6+ months later) until they removed the aquasoil, as it was just too broken down, and yes he tried everything under the sun to clear the tank before getting rid of it.

I much prefer Red Sea Flora Base, I've been using it for over two years, it's in several of our display tanks at work and has been for years, it doesn't seem to break down much, it looks more natural in comparison, it doesn't leach ammonia at all, very soft and easy to work with but we blend it with river gravel for a 'natural' appearance.

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