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Hi, From Sydney.


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Been lurking around for a while, finally decided to introduce myself =)

Only got back into fish around half a year ago, i did have a 4ft Princess Cichlids tank a while ago though.

I currently have a planted 40cm Cube with around 100 cherry shrimp and a HM Betta and another 5gallon tank which I'm setting up for a Dumbo Betta that I'm still looking for.

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You should definitely stay away from HERE (<=linkage) if you are looking to buy another Betta.

Yep i have been following her videos for a while considering buying

at the moment :P but still looking around.

He does look much better in person, although I've never seen one with such a short body before. Dwarf bettas? Might be possible with this guy, haha.

Was looking for a half moon or hmpk, but i might have a look if I'm near auburn anytime soon.

Anyway - lovely to meetcha, we love photos *hint*


Here you go.





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